Deputy CEO addresses Centre for Banking Studies - BRED Bank Cambodia

Deputy CEO addresses Centre for Banking Studies

BRED Bank Cambodia Deputy CEO, Mr. Jean Bourrelly recently spoke at an event hosted by the National Bank of Cambodia’s Centre for Banking Studies. The event, which was attended by NBC staff, academics and students looked at the importance of financial derivatives with a particular focus on foreign exchange transactions. 

“Financial derivatives are sophisticated instruments linked to a specific underlying financial instrument, indicator (such as an index or interest rate) or commodity,” Mr. Bourrelly told his audience. “These instruments enable the trading of particular financial risks in the financial markets.” 

Mr. Bourrelly pointed out the many uses of different kinds of financial derivatives including risk management, hedging, arbitrage and even speculation and explained how they are applied in the market. 

As well as explaining a wide range of different types of derivatives including swaps, options, he also outlined the many objectives and risks associated with using derivatives for his audience. 

“It was a privilege to speak at the event,” said Mr. Bourrelly. “As part of a global banking group, we’re well used to working with a very broad range of financial derivatives. These are a very important part of financial markets across the world and will increasingly play a vital role here in Cambodia. So, it was a pleasure to be able to share this knowledge and insight with such a prestigious audience.” 

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