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Earn our best rates with
Build Your Future

Earn our best rates with
Build Your Future

Earn our best rates with
Build Your Future

With a Build Your Future savings account, you can set your savings goal and earn an attractive rate of interest.
You’ll agree to pay in a set amount every month and, the longer you save, the more interest you’ll earn.

When you take out a Build Your Future 3 account, you commit to saving a fixed amount every month for a period of three years and you can earn up to 5.0%. After three years, you’ll be able to access the money in your account and all the interest it has earned. It’s great for saving towards holidays, getting married, high-value purchases.
Build Your Future 5 offers you the chance to get an even better interest rate on your money while you save over five years. Great for a new home deposit, your children’s education, a new car.
Choose Build Your Future 10 to get our best savings rate. Your account will mature after 10 years, allowing you to save regularly towards your long-term goals. Save towards things like major home improvements, your children’s university education, future investments in land and property.

See how much interest you can earn


KHR Rate %

USD Rate %

3 years

5.0 %

4.2 %

5 years

6.0 %

4.9 %

10 years

6.5 %

5.6 %

Note: Build Your Future accounts require a commitment to pay in an agreed amount for a fixed term of 3, 5 or 10 years. Minimum opening balance is USD 10 and the monthly saving amount must be between USD 10 and USD 1,000. Monthly deposits must be made by standing order from a BRED Bank Cambodia account. Monthly amounts can be increased twice yearly, if required, but cannot be reduced. Additional payments outside of the agreed monthly amount cannot be accepted. Interest is accumulated monthly. Penalties apply if the term is broken before maturity or if a monthly payment is missed. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

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