New branch network boss backs BRED’s recipe for success  - BRED Bank Cambodia

New branch network boss backs BRED’s recipe for success 

As BRED Bank Cambodia’s new Head of Branch Network settles in at the bank, he predicts a strong future for ‘people-centred’ branch banking. 

All over the world, financial services are going digital. It makes a lot of sense. In the fast pace of the modern world, we all appreciate the benefit of having instant access to our bank accounts through our online banking apps. Yet, while today’s banking transactions are more likely to be done on the go using a smartphone rather than over the counter in a bank branch, the latest recruit to BRED Bank Cambodia’s executive team still sees a huge amount of value in high-quality relationship management. 

“People like talking to other people,” says Vannak Sam. “While we provide all the benefits of digital banking, there are many areas of our business where strong personal relationships make a massive difference.” 

Indeed, one of the key reasons Vannak Sam was attracted to the post was BRED Bank’s highly successful relationship banking model. “When people experience our service, they quickly see the value,” he says. “Our Relationship Managers can take the time to get to know our customers and respond to their needs. It’s a personal service that goes way beyond what’s possible in a digital-only environment.” 

Of course, BRED Bank Cambodia still offers state-of-the-art digital services to both business and personal banking customers. But the branch experience, and the personal relationships fostered by a talented team of Relationship Managers, defines the bank’s market offering. 

“Our service is particularly appealing to our targeted customers,” says Mr. Vannak. “We’re here to help growing businesses become even more successful and we’re a perfect fit for ambitious personal banking customers who are already high earners and want the tailored personal advice that can make a real difference to their finances.” 

“Our customers don’t come to us because of the price, they come to us for the value that BRED offers them,” he says. 

Having established a strong market presence in a relatively short time, BRED Bank Cambodia’s 15-strong branch network is well-positioned to offer an exceptional banking experience to both its business and personal banking customers.  

“I’ve been really impressed on my visits around the branches,” says Vannak Sam. “We’ve got great people who really understand the BRED vision. They absolutely believe in our relationship model and they’re working hard to deliver an exceptional service both in the branch environment and when they reach out to individual customers.” 

It’s clear talking to Vannak Sam that he is full of ideas for improving what is already an excellent service. But, then, that’s no surprise for a man who is very much into self-improvement and has spent the last 20 years earning no fewer than four university degrees including, most recently, a Masters in Land and Property Law. “When I was young I wished I could be a lawyer but my father insisted I study business,” he says. While his father’s insight has definitely benefited his career, Vannak has followed a path of constant learning that he believes has benefited him in more ways than one. “Every two or three years, I start to think about what else I should do to improve my personal competency. Yet when I go to study, it’s not just about gaining knowledge, it’s about making new friends as well as broadening my understanding of the market. While learning has a business purpose, it also provides personal insights.” 

It’s clear that BRED’s Head of Branch Network will apply the same logic with his new team. “We need to push from the inside out,” he says, “I want our Relationship Managers to go and see our customers not just for immediate business purposes but to get to know each customer individually and build a strong, connected network.” 

Talking to Vannak Sam it’s evident that he believes BRED Bank Cambodia has a great recipe for continued success. For a man who likes to spend his weekends cooking for his family, you can be sure there will be many tasty treats in store for customers and colleagues alike as he puts his vision into practice in the years ahead. 

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